Improve Maths Confidence

Vidyanext Diagnostic-Based Maths Foundation Program

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Unique, one-of-a-kind program

A New Approach, combining Khan Academy with Personal Tuitions.

Uses Technology Trusted by Millions of Students, with content designed for the Indian Curriculum.

Demonstrated improved performance in Maths for 4th - 9th standard students.

Special confidence building program for weekends or after school, done in conjunction with Smart Tutions.

The secret to Maths success

Expertly designed, the Khan Academy Practice engine uses data from millions of students to model the best learning path for each student. Your student will travel a path of practice problems and topics, dynamically sequenced using the data of other students with the exact same weaknesses as your student. Only Vidyanext has trained Certified Tutors on how to incorporate Khan Academy into a powerfully stimulating Maths course.

Participants have gained:
  1. Mastery in key foundation skills resulting in better Maths performance in school.
  2. Greater confidence and reduced exam stress while solving Maths problems.
  3. A new mentor in a Certified Tutor who builds student self-confidence and subject matter engagement with practical applications of learning.

Why foundation in Maths?

Indian primary students failed in a basic math test.
– Survey by NCERT

of students taking engineering stream lack foundational math skills

The student experience

Self-paced, dynamically sequenced Maths practice, for 4th-9th standard

Friendly tutors clears doubts and demonstrates concepts.

Parents get to see the progress of their child at any time with our Learning app

Back to basics

Everyone who struggles with Maths knows that there is a couple of foundation concepts with which they feel less comfortable. In Maths, most valuable practice is on the topics you believe you are weak at.

This program isolates those areas and helps you build the required skills. With a Certified Tutor to guide the learning experience, and practice problems designed to build confidence, timely completion of this program leads to better exam performance for students.

A weekend or after school focused program done in conjunction with Smart Tuitions.

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