Built on passion and ingenuity

Founded by software and education leaders from IIT, IIM, Brown & Harvard, our mission is to change the way India learns. We believe, school students deserve more than they are getting from either private or government education, and without improvement, India’s “demographic dividend” will be forfeited. Because schools resist change and online education is limited to the most motivated learners, the best place to drive rapid improvement in education outcomes is by empowering the army of tutors who help students every day with disruptive and advanced technology.

What we believe in

Intelligent Practice

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered practice engine delivers the right practice questions to each student based on his/her answers.

In-Person Teaching

Our tutors go through rigorous certification, both on subject matter as well as the Vidyanext methodology.

Customised Assessments

Daily revision and practice examinations that can be created by the tutor, customised to each student’s academic calendar.

Meet the makers

Pradeep Singh


IIT-Delhi, Harvard. Formerly GM at Microsoft, and founder of Aditi Technologies & Talisma

Will Poole


Brown University. Managing Director of Unitus Seed Fund. Formerly Vice President at Microsoft

Kahran Singh


B.S Computer Science, Tufts University, Microsoft