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Tuitions in Bangalore

Successful students are judged only on the basis of the marks they get. A child’s grades are also a good indicator of how much they have understood from what they have been taught, how confident they are, and how well they are able to apply concepts.

Students who have been taught well and encouraged in school go on to build successful careers and take on leadership roles in the future. Unfortunately with our overcrowded classrooms, this does not happen often enough. Leaving students confused, and with low self-esteem because they are not seen as capable.

At Vidyanext, we are committed to overturning this equation. We use our experience and research to create effective school-supplementary programmes to ensure that students understand more, and become more confident and engaged learners. We spend time building tools and improvement programmes for our tutors, so that they teach better, and give their students more. We connect with parents and understand what they need to see as parametres of success from their children.

Our team of people from different backgrounds are passionate about education, and extremely keen on bringing about change. Together we see a future in which no student has fallen between the cracks because of lack of personal attention. We work towards a time in which every Indian household will be able to comprehend and harness the power of technology for learning. And that every Indian student is fulfilling his or her potential.

The Vidyanext Pillars

Exceptional Tutors

Our tutors are chosen from the best available and put through a stringent selection and training process.

Intelligent Practice

Our system ensures that our students practice the right concepts at the right time, encouraging them to put in a few extra hours of study every week

Regular Assessment

Students are tested for their understanding on a regular basis so that their tutors know where the gaps in their learning are.

Pradeep Singh


Pradeep Singh was educated at IIT Delhi, and the Havard School of Business. He went on to become General Manager at Microsoft and then founded many successful business, such as Aditi Technologies, and more. He is now primarily focused on Vidyanext.

Will Poole


Will Poole graduated from Brown University. Since then he has led several companies on to success, such as Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and more. As the co-founder of Vidyanext, he is committed to making a difference to education.

Kahran Singh


Kahran Singh graduated from Tufts University and has since, worked at Microsoft, Aditi Technologies and more. Now the CEO of Vidyanext, he leads the team, inspiring them to find better solutions for Smart Tuitions in India.