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Get better academic results with in-person tuition. Tutors available for 4th - 10th grade in Bangalore and Gurgaon.

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A New Approach, Built on Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Practice

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered practice engine delivers the right practice questions to each student based on his/her answers.

In-Person Teaching

Our tutors go through rigorous certification, both on subject matter as well as the Vidyanext methodology.

Customised Assessments

Daily revision and practice examinations that can be created by the tutor, customised to each student’s academic calendar.

Very much satisfied with my son’s (Jeevan Kumar M) progress in studies. Tutors are dedicated and I am happy with branch (Mahalakshmipuram) head Sandhya. Good coordination and dedicated.

Geetha Manivannan (Parent)

My son is doing good. He is interested to go for tuitions. Vidyanext people co-ordinate well and the learning is also good.


Lokesh Gowda (Parent)

I went from 70% to 92 % in my asset exam. Thanks to Vidyanext and my wonderful tutor there. Keep up the great work.


Vickram Baruah (Class VII, CBSE)

My love for Maths has grown after joining VN… the faculty takes the ownership of teaching every subject and every chapter diligently!


Kashish Sharma (Class VIII, CBSE)

A Simple and Efficient Path to Better Marks

The Vidyanext Learning System™ builds perfect learning habits. Designed to reward practice, with student efficiency in mind, the system combines a trained tutor and a practice problem-centric learning system. Artificial Intelligence continually learns about each student, and adapts their practice accordingly to build self-confidence and cement academic skills.Available for Classes 4-10, Maths & Science. Gurgaon & Bangalore Only.

  • Curated Content

    Curated Content from the Best Sources

    There are so many great content providers. From Byju’s to Khan Academy, there is no limit to the number of resources available. Vidyanext combines some of the best of the web with our own expertly-designed practice problems to make sure every student has the resources they need to tackle any academic challenge.

  • Great User Experience

    Great User Experience for Students

    Students agree that the Learn by Vidyanext app has the best user experience of any learning system. Designed to guide students to do more practice, the Vidyanext Learn app has been developed with experts in user experience design, pedagogy & lesson planning, behavioural psychology, student psychology, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Reduced Stress

    Reduced Exam Stress

    ICSE Students are some of the happiest with Vidyanext. Custom assessments reduce exam stress, by allowing for complete personalisation to each student’s needs, from marks allocation to topics assessed. These tests build confidence while highlighting weak areas.

  • Healthy Competition

    Healthy Competition

    Our weekly leaderboards reward students for consistent practice. Coins and streaks reward effort, consistency and accuracy, in the service of building good study habits. Behavioral economics has shown that five days of consistent behavior is an essential first step to building a habit.

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