How Our Students Learn

Great Tutors + Proven Learning Technology = Great Results

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The Vidyanext Learning System

Learning with understanding is the key to long term retention. We believe that every student learns in their own way and at their own pace. The Vidyanext learning system combines in-person teaching with best-in-class technology that provides a customized learning experience for students.

A Certified tutor near you

Small interactive classes provided by over a 1000 certified tutors in Bangalore and Gurgaon using the Vidyanext Learning System. Our tutors are subject matter experts who are trained in integrating the learning system into their teaching methodology.

Our Learning system

The Vidyanext curriculum-aligned learning material comprises of text, visual and video content that gives students multiple ways to understand concepts.

Daily practice makes perfect

We believe that both quality as well as quantity of practice is important. Our learning system provides tutors with data on their students' performance and helps them identify gaps in understanding so they can customize practice to suit the students' needs.

Gamification motivates

We believe that motivated students are successful students. We've made learning more like a game with points awarded for every activity done by the student. Bonuses are awarded based on how well the activity was done.