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  • By Tutors

    Designed by Tutors

    We have built our app based on feedback from our tutors. So it is designed to make your life easier.

    We let you create assessments with the tap of a button, and we keep the parent informed of student effort and progress. To help you handle more students, we made practice simple.

    New this year: the practice engine has an endless supply of practice problems, sequenced based on student self-assessment.

    To learn more about the technology in the Vidyanext Learning System Click here
  • We're Popular

    Over 9000 applications from tutors in Bangalore

    We have realised our most successful tutors tend to fall into one of three categories: retired school teachers, mothers looking to work from home, and young men looking for a part-time job. However, we have designed our training and system to work for all tutors who have subject matter expertise, so get in touch to break the statistics!

  • We like you

    We Like You.

    We are committed to helping tutors deliver better results. We do not believe videos can teach students and we will never try to replace you. We believe in building technology to support tutors and the livelihood they drive for themselves and their families.

  • Best Practices

    Committed to Honest, Ethical Practices.

    We are committed to our values We are committed to our values. Here is a conversation between our head of Tutor Community, Sridevi P and our CMO, Kahran Singh, about how we chose our corporate values.

    Watch it here.
  • Giving Back

    Give Back to your Community.

    Students today are drowning under stress. We have built an approach that reduces the amount of time students need to spend studying to achieve their target marks. Help us reach every student in India.

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Two Types of Tuitions, One Simple Approach

Work from home

Do you want to teach students in your own home? Certified Tutors can apply to have Vidyanext audit your teaching location, either a home or exclusive tuitions space, and certify it suitable for students.

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Travel to Students' Homes

Certified Tutors are informed by Vidyanext when students are looking 
for a tutor in their area to come home.
Contact us if you would like to charge a special rate.

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Elite Certified Tutors are invited to join the Mentor Club, a recognition of the truly exceptional tutors who make an effort to help their colleagues.

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